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Great Bundt Cake Pan

Nordic Ware Original Platinum Collection Bundt Pan
Nordic Ware

The 60th Anniversary Pan closely replicates Nordic Ware’s first cast aluminum pan, which accommodates 10-15 cup recipes. This pan’s versatile size, shape and crisp details work well with present day 10-12 cup Bundt mixes and recipes because of the narrow base, straight sides and extra large center tube.

Consumer Reviews
  • “My cakes come out so perfectly and the clean up is so easy.” – Texas Girl
  • “It is a very heavy & sturdy pan.” – tell it like it is
  • “This is one of the best bundt pans i have ever used and it looks like it will last a lifetime.” – Jonbz

Nordic Ware Platinum Collection Heritage Bundt Pan
Nordic Ware

The swirling design of this Bundt pan yields a unique cake that adds elegance to any occasion. The swirl design looks lovely with or without icing, frosting, or a touch of powdered sugar.

Consumer Guide
  • “This pan makes a beautiful cake presentation.” – Pat Rutledge
  • “Cakes release easily with just a misting of spray, clean up is easy.” – Texaswomyn
  • “This is a heavy, substantial pan that seems like it will last a lifetime and is well worth the investment.” – Jamie C. D. Larue

Nordic Ware Platinum Collection Pound Cake Pan
Nordic Ware

Ideal for tube cakes, angel food and sponge cakes, this durable cast aluminum pan will provide superior baking performance. Baked goods will rise evenly, cook uniformly and have a delicious golden crust.

Product Comparisons
  • “Cake comes out clean after baking and pan exceptionally easy to clean.” – miltbob
  • “This was definitely one of my best purchases – worth every penny.” – AnnieB
  • “Very heavy construction.” – Wilma

Nordic Ware Pro Cast Bavaria Bundt Pan
Nordic Ware

Crisp, clean geometric patterns decorate the Bavaria Bundt pan making it a beautiful addition at any table. Made by Nordic Ware, the cast-aluminum pan is able to provide sharp detail on every cake you bake.

Customer Reviews
  • “This bundt cake pan is very heavy and makes a beautifully designed cake that comes out of the pan easily.” – Debra Pyle
  • “My very first cake came out perfectly.” – John W. Gilleland
  • “Heavy cast iron, so very sturdy and will last forever, I hope.” – KY student of life

Nordic Ware Pro Form Bundt Pan, 6 Cup
Nordic Ware

The professional-weight formed metal bakeware is a wonderful addition to any kitchen. Non-stick coated, it allows for easy and effortless clean up. This half sized Bundt pan holds about half the batter of most recipes.

Customer Reviews
  • “The cakes were beautifully cooked and released perfectly, producing two cakes that were just the right size for gifting one and enjoying the other with my family.” – At home in Alabama
  • “Works great and very light weight.” – mary massie
  • “This is the perfect bundt pan that makes exactly 2 medium size cakes instead of 1 large bundt cake.” – PattyPan

Nordic Ware Platinum Non-stick Cast Aluminum Fleur De Lis Pan
Nordic Ware

The cast aluminum bakeware provides fine details and superior baking performance. The heat reflective exteriors allows for uniform browning so as to enhance the unique design.

Consumer Guide
  • “You can make a beautiful cake with hardly any effort – all created by the pan!” – Charlotte Erickson
  • “My family is loving it too!” – J. Porter
  • “Makes a beautiful cake and is easy to clean.” – W. Matthews

Nordic Ware Deluxe Bundt Cake Keeper
Nordic Ware

Have you ever baked a beautiful cake to take to a party or potluck, and momentarily panicked as you realized how difficult it would be to transport it without ruining the cake? Avid bakers find themselves in this predicament frequently, and can attest to the fact that having a safe transportation container is key! The Bundt Cake Keeper is the perfect solution to this age-old problem.

  • “Made of nice sturdy plastic, too.” – Karen R. Monte
  • “It keeps my bundt cakes fresh and moist for so long.” – Marilyn A. Walker
  • “Like everyone else, apparently, my plate cracked after the first time I used it.” – CAT

Nordic Ware Heavyweight Angel Food Cake Pan, 10 Inch
Nordic Ware

The professional-weight formed metal bakeware is a wonderful addition to any kitchen. Non-stick coated, it allows for easy and effortless clean up. Ideal for angelfood and pound cake.

Customer Reviews
  • “The cakes release with ease and easy clean up.” – merin
  • “Will never waste money on any other solid tube pan again!!!” – Dawn Bartlett
  • “This is a great pan, made very well.” – Patti J.

Nordic Ware Platinum Rose Cast Aluminum Bundt Pan
Nordic Ware

Recreate a garden scene with this perennial favorite, the Rose Bundt pan is made of heavy cast aluminum, it bakes evenly every time, providing crisp detailing on your cake.

Consumer Reviews
  • “This Bundt pan produces a lovely rose shape cake that is moist through and through.” – nicdel85
  • “My cake came out great without sticking to the pan and it cleaned easy too.” – Debra Myers
  • “This pan made a gorgeous cake (using a plain box mix)!” – Diana

Nordic Ware 2 Piece Non-stick Formed Bundt Pan Set, 6 Cup & 12 Cup Capacity, Colors may vary
Nordic Ware

America’s favorite – the original bundt pan. For festive cakes, breads, salads, desserts and more. Perfect for easy delicious bundt cake mixes ( 12 cup uses full mix 6 cup uses 1/2 mix) heavy aluminum with non-stick interior.

Product Comparisons
  • “These are very light and flimsy besides.” – Donna
  • “It was real easy to clean I really could have just wiped it out.” – Celestine Monkowski
  • “I like “Baker’s Joy” spray -or Crisco and flour.” – L. Peterson

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